DNSSEC state of the currently existing TLDs:

The data for this report is updated daily. (Last updated at ) You can query the data I use to create this chart on the fly directly via the DNS ;-)

dig tldstats.jpmens.net txt

And you’re probably dying to know how I did that: the making of this report.


  • ICANN publishes a useful TLD DNSSEC Report which originally didn’t have an image on it (it now has a venn diagram). However, I wanted to “see” how the DNSSEC-signing in the TLDs is, which is why I created this.
  • I started collecting this information in October 2010. At that time, the page looked a bit different because I was using Plot.
  • You’ll also be interested in the maps created by Paul Wouters. The World Wide DNSSEC Deployment map and one which shows more details.