Some of my code.

  • dlz_lua, a Lua back-end for BIND DLZ. Documentation, Source.

  • whatmon-s is an extension bar for Safari. Documentation, Source.

  • yaus is Yet Another URL Shortener. Documentation, Source.

  • nagval (i.e. “Nagios Validator”) is a Nagios/Icinga plugin to check the validity of a DNSSEC-signed zone over the DNS. Typical use of nagval as a Nagios plugin is to specify a single domain and resource record type. Optionally, a list of domains can be provided in a file. Source

  • check_nix is a Nagios/Icinga plugin to check freshness of NiX Spam DNSBL. Source

  • bzl is Bind Zone List. Documentation. Source

  • couch-sdb is a BIND SDB driver for CouchDB. Documentation. Source

  • phreefingerprint create DNS TXT RR from PEM certificate for @dakami’s Phreeload or for Extended DNSSEC Validator. Source

  • whatmon is a small Firefox and Thunderbird extension which can monitor almost anything you wish to monitor. It requires a CGI server and a wee bit o’ XML. Documentation. Source. Add-on page at Mozilla.

  • ldp, the LDAP Distributed shell-profile, will read a user-specific shell profile (.profile) from an LDAP directory server upon login, allowing users (including multiple people operating as root) to always have the same settings irrespective of which machine they are working on. ldp also operates correctly when logging in via SSH via public key auth. Documentation. Freshmeat page.

  • CF is a library of routines that can be incorporated into an application for reading configuration profiles for an application. CF reads configuration profiles, passes them through the C-pre-processor and parses the result according to a fixed set of rules. The resulting variables and values are stored in a safe place and may be retrieved for further processing. file INSTALL for installation instructions, and the manual page for further info. Source parts 01, 02, and 03, with a patch.

  • UUname is a bit like uuname(1), but it can not only show the UUCP system names, but also a short description of each. The description is a comment in the Systems/L.sys file. Source

  • uuhost. A new (and as far as I’m concerned, better :-) program. It needs not run as root, the databases are smaller (text only), and does more for me than all others have done so far :-) Source

  • uushow displays pending UUCP jobs. Source

  • genincl generates header files from NLS message files. Source

  • lgrep1.0 searches for filenames in ls - output. Source

  • _ editbuf_(3) edits an alphanumeric string with curses. Source

  • Mail-Server_ is a mail-server program, that is able to automatically send files to persons who requested them via mail. Access to the mail-server may be controlled by a permissions list, which contains a set of regular expressions that are matched agains addresses. Source

  • SLPD is an lpd daemon designed for SYSV. It translates requests initiated from LPR clients to the System V LP-spooler equivalent (if possible). Source

  • Radio-Clock-Time access the radio time sent out by the DCF 77 transmitter near Frankfurt/M. Source


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