blogit is a proof of concept on being able to do XML-RPC from within Lotus Notes and Domino (well, to be honest, not really from “within” as most of the work is done by external libraries). blogit consists of a Notes database, a set of dynamic link libraries (DLL) and optionally a server add-in task which does the brunt of the work.

There are a number of Lotus Notes based blogging tools out there (examples include OpenNTF BlogSphere, Jake Howlett’s Domblog Template, and others), but I don’t have a host willing to offer Domino-based blogging to me (apart from which, I currently prefer WordPress anyway).

What I do use to a great extent is a Lotus Notes client, which I drag all over the place with me, together with replicas of important databases and documents. Since I travel a great deal and spend lots of time in dubious looking hotel rooms, I wanted to be able to “blog” from Lotus Notes and having those documents (or posts) replicated to my WordPress installation.

Being in the mood, I created a Domino server add-in task which does just that. It retrieves modified documents from an NSF called blogit.nsf and submits them as either new posts or as updated posts to WordPress via the MetaWeblog API.