The idea for an Ansible reference (or cheat) sheet was reborn last week at the Linuxhotel; a few students who knew they would be receiving a tmux mug as a gift when leaving asked why we don’t give out Ansible mugs.

One person approached me and said mugs are impractical: most people already have their favorite beverage mug, mugs have little space for information, and they typically find their way into the back of some kitchen cabinet. Why don’t we consider a nicely-printed DIN A3 sheet on good (plastified) paper? I thought that a good idea.

Ansible cheat sheet

And so began the work of gathering the information I wanted to present and packing it onto a double-sided A3 page. I’d have very much liked to add details for our advanced course, but there’s simply not enough space on these two pages. (If your eye sight is very good you might be able to read it when printed on A4.)

So, here’s the reference card, and please let me know if you have feedback.

ansible and documentation :: 24 Jul 2022 :: e-mail