I’m regularly made fun of when teaching DNSSEC because I tell people I use a “napkin” when creating DNSSEC keys to jot down the key tags (or key IDs), and it’s true: also during trainings I have the “napkin” – to be precise it’s a sheet of A4 paper on which I note modifications to schedule, timezones, whether I still owe answers to questions, and of course, the key IDs of DNSSEC keys.

Here’s a partial scan of last week’s napkin:

the last napkin I used for DNSSEC signings

I don’t mind students’ grins and typically laugh last when they say they’re getting errors (e.g. during manual signing), whereupon I can victoriously respond: “if you’d used a napkin to make a note of which key tag is KSK and which is ZSK that wouldn’t have occurred!” :-)

I wonder whether I ought to start a napkin business and what the design should look like …