Almost a year ago I started using a delightful little iOS app called Receipt Box. It did exactly what I wanted: I could tap in an expense and a category, and the app added a geo location to the expense. I set up a few categories and from then on tapped a Euro value into the app single-handedly (nice big buttons) while saying goodbye to the cashier.

For me the app and its handling was perfect. There was a small bug in that the program displayed just a single digit after the decimal point when the value was, say, 19.50 (i.e. it said 19.5), but I could well live with that. In fact, I provided a bit of feedback to the authors about it on 2020-07-29:

Just a short note to say that I really like the ease and simplicity of your app: well done! (And please don’t add complex features. There is one wish I do have though: automatic display of two decimal digits. For us in most European countries “13.4” looks strange: we’re used to seeing “13.40” even if we typed 13.4. Kind regards, ..

Today’s crop of updates on iOS brought this, and I’ll admit I hesitated to update, but I thought “fix bugs”, hey that’s maybe my decimals thing!

screenshot of App Store changelog

It wasn’t.

The whole look and feel of the app has changed, starting with the icon, and ending at the actual data entry pane which now needs at least one extra step, “add record”. The reports tab which used to have tables and lists of expenses now shows daily values only, no longer monthly. This doesn’t hurt me much as I didn’t use that a lot.

Data export has changed from “export all data via CSV” to “export CSV of the last 7 days” with anything else meaning “upgrade to PRO” which, by the way, costs EUR 0.99 monthly or EUR 8.99 per annum.

And data export? Let me show you the two first lines of how data export looked with a note I added at the time:


and what’s it look like now?


Not only have the columns (and their order!!) changed, but they’ve actually managed to completely balls up the date field, in addition to which the CSV files have been renamed from ReceiptBox_YYMMDD.csv to ReceiptBox.csv which is going to turn into lovely filenames with spaces in them (ReceiptBox 1.csv, ReceiptBox 2.csv) when transferred over AirDrop.

This is not a “fix bugs” update. This is a “how can we annoy him most” update, and I will say this: they’ve certainly accomplished that, and adding insult to injury, the single-digit decimal bug is still there.

iOS and app :: 16 May 2021 :: e-mail