I’ve noticed for a while now that my typing has suffered tremendously: it’s becoming slower, and I make more mistakes. I’m attributing this to the beautiful, flat Apple keyboard, so I thought I’d better do something about it.

After trying a simple Cherry model (which I didn’t even have to plug in before returning it; touching a key in the box sufficed), I asked around and got a number of recommendations:

I opted for a daskeyboard, Model S for Mac.


I was expecting a German keyboard layout because I ordered the keyboard in Germany, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive a US keyboard layout. This basically makes no difference to me because I’m a blind typist on a US layout anyway.

I now make quite a racket while typing, and I have to aim for the RETURN key a bit better, but thetastatur is here for keeps. :-)

Keyboard and Mac :: 23 Dec 2012 :: e-mail