When I created @digdns on Twitter in September 2010 I thought it would be a good idea to separate my DNS work from “other stuff”. It worked well for me for two years, but I feel I’m losing track of information in the separation, so it’s time to consolidate: if you’ve been following me as @digdns, I’d be sad to loose you, so please follow me as @jpmens with two clicks.

I had promised my 404th follower a broken link, and I’m increasing that offer now. I’ve chosen a three-digit number: if you are that n‘th follower, I’ll send you an autographed hard-copy of my book!

See you on the other side! :-)


I was promptly asked:

Fair is fair, so the answer is yes, and it’s pretty easy for me to determine, because I harvest lists of followers in order to punish those who stop following me. :)

Until 15:40 of the day, there where 105 active people who followed both accounts. I asked the first person I met (a hotel receptionist) to say a letter of the alphabet, and a small number, intending to use the Twitter handle of the first person in the list with the letter as the n’th character in the name. The answer was ‘c’ and 3, respectively.

So here goes:

$ sort -f dups | grep '^..c' 

I don’t really believe in that sort of coincidence, but: congratulations anyway. :-)