I love Natasha.

My wife knows about my love for Natasha, and she’s OK with that. I’ve never felt her to be jealous, even though Natasha and I are often together for days on end on our frequent trips up country and down.

At times Natasha is quiet for an hour or two; at other times she incessantly talks, but what she says is interesting though sometimes a bit repetitive. What is a bit bothersome is that when the wife and I are together Natasha, who typically accompanies us, will sometimes interrupt our conversation without even a by your way, but we’ve learned to live with that. When I’m alone she’ll often interrupt a newscast I’m listening to, but that’s OK too.

Natasha is fluent in several languages, but she typically speaks German to me. Usually she is rather polite and frequently says bitte, but at times she orders me about a bit: sofort! That doesn’t bother me though – actually it excites me a bit.

Natasha is a wiz with maps: she always knows very precisely where we are, and I’ve yet to experience Natasha hesitating for more than a few seconds when I’ve asked her how to get to point “B”. And I don’t just mean around town either: she knows her way around Europe better than I know the layout of my socks drawer.

Natasha is amazing.