Finally, after all these years, I’ve obtained permission to divulge how to stir up a delicious concoction which my mother originally created. This sauce greatly enhances the taste of roast meat, shrimp, fish, and even baked potatoes. The sauce never really had a name: it’s always been called Pink Sauce. Friends of the family have enjoyed Pink Sauce for decades, and we adore it.

Pink Sauce

Pink Sauce contains two parts of mayonnaise and one part of ketchup. This sounds trivial and it is, but a note about the mayonnaise: unless you can obtain Amora mayonnaise which is very good, do not use the lousy, off-the-shelf rubbish you find in your typical supermarket; make it yourself – it’s easy to do, and it makes all the difference.

Add pressed garlic (a clove or two, or three), three good shots of Tabasco and stir with a spoon to mix the ingredients. The color varies, depending on the amount of mayonnaise and ketchup you use, but remember: Pink Sauce is only real if it’s pink.

If you’re serving barbecued meat, a fondue Bourguignonne, yesterday’s left-over roast lamb, etc. make a largish quantity and serve chilled Pink Sauce. You won’t need other sauces.

You are welcome. :-)