I’ve only just started glancing at elasticsearch-head, but this is a utility you must have for ElasticSearch. A few screen shots, though I must say I don’t yet understand half of what’s going on here…

The overview page, where I see the state of my ElasticSearch clusters, nodes, replicas, shards, etc. and the indices they contain. (A bit boring on my laptop… :-) Tons of information here.

Structured queries allow me to point and click, choose fields I want to add to my query, hit a button and BOOM: results.

Perform queries, view results as tables or JSON, validate queries, etc.

And the best part? elasticsearch-head needs no installation, no Gem, Ruby, Java, whatever. Download the HTML and JavaScript files, open the index.html in your browser and that’s it! Go look.

ElasticSearch :: 09 Aug 2012 :: e-mail