Just over a fortnight ago I broke a toe (digitus pedis II) on my left foot. I recommend you don’t do that: it’s rather painful and, besides having to hop along, I’ve had to resort to renting cars with automatic transmission to avoid having to painfully press a clutch.

Anyway, I decided I’d forgo going on holiday, spending the time at home doing a bit of Spring Summer cleaning (even if the weather here gives the impression it’s Autumn). One of the tasks I’ve set myself is to clean up my testing environment.

I recently purchased a nice little “server”, an HP ProLiant N40L to replace some of the ancient equipment I’ve been using (or not using) for the last six years or so. I added 8GB of RAM, and I’m happily enjoying KVM on CentOS with an NFS pool on my venerable NV+. No more VMWare Server for me. (Does that product even still exist?)

Things I’ve done so far include

  • Automate machine (domain) setup with virt-install, which creates the domain and sets up the corresponding volumes.
  • Set up nginx to dole out Kickstart (respectively AutoYast) scripts to launch installs.

Centos install via KVM

The rest of the weekend I’ll probably be spending doing some work with Ansible, because I need that for a project I’ll be working on next week. (After renting a car with automatic transmission to get me there! :-)