I don’t think I’ve ever waited for a product for so long: ordered on February 29th, delivered on June 1st: the Raspberry Pi. Even so, I had it lying on my desk for two days because I’ve been too busy to play.

The Raspi is incredibly cute, just a little larger than an Arduino, and it runs Linux (I used the Debian SD card image for starters). The device is dog slow, but I didn’t expect any wonders. We got it connected to the TV in the living room, plugged in all the other cables (keyboard, mouse, Ethernet) and booted into a text console from which I started X11:

We played with it a bit (compiling a hello world C program felt as though it took ages) and then the Raspi froze up after about half an hour, while I was trying to install the Chrome browser on it. Maybe because the other half of “us” was playing Scratch. :)