A plea for help yesterday regarding whatmon failing on Firefox 10 woke me up to the fact that Firefox is making leaps and bounds in their version numbers. (I haven’t been using Firefox much lately…) I downloaded version 11 and determined that, indeed, apart from a few error messages in the console, whatmon wasn’t doing what it should.

It does now.

Example whatmon

I’ve heard reports from three people (on Linux, Windows) that it’s working satisfactorily on Firefox versions 10 and 11 (and 12; thank you Bill) , and I myself have it running on Mac OS/X.

I’ve submitted whatmon to the Mozilla add-ons repository, where it should be showing up shortly. Alternatively, you can download and install the .xpi directly from the source repository. I’ve also updated its documentation a bit.

Update 2012-03-17: Mozilla’s reviewing editor has rejected whatmon because I’m supposed to wrap your “loose” variables and functions within a JavaScript object as described here. Until I get to grips with that, you’ll have to install manually from the repository…

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