A new version 2.60 of the excellent dnsmasq DHCP/DNS server has been released, and it includes a number of new features:

  • Support for DHCPv6 including tags, options, static addresses and relay support.
  • Support for IPv6 router advertisements.
  • Optional Lua integration as suggested (and initially proofed) by yours truly.

I’ve been running test versions of dnsmasq with Lua-scripting enabled for a while now, and it’s working very nicely. For example, I’m seeing a Growl notification when dnsmasq renews a lease.

Growl displays dnsmsasq lease-renewal

I’ll be releasing a new version of DAP, which contains dnsmasq, as soon as possible.

dnsmasq, DNS, and Lua :: 08 Mar 2012 :: e-mail