A Twitter status update caught my eye earlier:

Obviously curious, I followed the link to BSRPDNSC and tried a query. The calculator works, but look at the associated TXT resource record:

$ dig 1.2.+.rp.secret-wg.org txt

1.2.+.rp.secret-wg.org. 10 IN TXT "3"
1.2.+.rp.secret-wg.org. 10 IN TXT "This DNS message (including the RR(s) in the
   additional section) is confidential, proprietary, may be subject to copyright
   and legal privilege and no related rights are waived." "If you are not the
   intended recipient or its agent, any review, dissemination, distribution or
   copying of this DNS message. or any of its content is strictly prohibited and
   may be unlawful." "All messages may be monitored as permitted by applicable
   law and regulations and our policies to protect our business." "DNS messages
   are not secure and you are deemed to have accepted any risk if you communicate
   with us using DNS." "If received in error, please notify us immediately and
   delete the DNS message (and any of its sections) from any computer or any
   storage medium without printing a copy."

A disclaimer in the DNS. That made my day! ;-)

DNS, TXT, and ROFL :: 13 Dec 2011 :: e-mail