I’m in the final stages of preparation for my upcoming November tutorial on DNSSEC in London, and non too soon either. (Jane of UKUUG is raising a warning finger that I haven’t yet sent her my tutorial notes for printing, but she’ll get those tomorrow!)

I’m greatly looking forward to the 16th, and as I’m a firm believer of the bit in Murphy’s law that says “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, I’m taking along the Internet. No, Jen, not the whole Internet, just its DNS and DNSSEC bits. ;-)

I’ve had prior bad experience with the DNS setup in hotels (no TCP, UDP datagrams <= 512 bytes, etc.), so I’m providing a small wireless router, a DNSSEC-signed root server, a couple of validators we can experiment with, as well as BIND and PowerDNS signers as part of our “internet”.

If you’ll be attending (I’m not sure there are slots left) I’d appreciate if you could download (and perhaps install, but not otherwise configure) a copy of BIND 9.8.1 and a copy of Unbound for your workstation’s architecture to speed things up. If you need wired access to one of the router’s four Ethernet ports, bring an Ethernet cable along too.

If Her Majesty’s Customs doesn’t confiscate anything on my way in, we’ll be ready to rumble. See you at the Imperial Hotel in London! :-)

Tutorial and DNSSEC :: 07 Nov 2011 :: e-mail