An oldish PowerPC Mac Mini has been collecting dust in a powered-off state on my desk for a couple of years now, and I thought I’d put some new life into it as a spare Linux server.

Mac Mini

I knew that Linux on PowerPC is possible, and that a few Linux distributions support it out of the box. I’ll skip the details on how I finally got it going, particularly the hair-raising attempt to get a Debian 6.0.1a CD booted (it turns out the CD-Rom drive is defect) and the multiple failures in getting yaboot to load a kernel over the net (because the yaboot binary was broken).

A few dozen booiiings after I first started this endeavour, and before I found this concise description, the network install (Open Firmware’s boot enet:,yaboot) launched, and I could begin with the Debian installation.

It purrs.

MacMini and Linux :: 20 Jul 2011 :: e-mail