So you think cloud services can betray you? You’re probably right, and some even say you can’t trust any network. The question is whether you can trust your own network, or rather, devices connected to it. If you think you can, there’s a sexy little device which I would call a personal drop box. It is called a Pogoplug. The Pogoplug is frighteningly simple: plug it into a power source, add a network cable, and attach between one and four external USB drives (memory sticks or hard disks), and Bob’s your uncle. A 1-minute registration at does the rest, and your storage is now available over the Internet. I’m saying this is frightening simple because it is. Frightening, I mean. After a few clicks, you’ve basically opened access to the Pogoplug from the Internet, without touching firewall settings. So far so good, but can you trust the Pogoplug to keep network traffic to itself? Probably. Or should I say hopefully? I don’t know.

Hardware, Backup, cloud, and storage :: 16 May 2011 :: e-mail