The annual UKUUG Spring conference starts on March 22nd in Leeds, and I’ve offered to do a series of talks on the DNS Security Extensions, a.k.a DNSSEC. I must have been smoking something particularly nasty the day I submitted three abstracts (creating three presentations is a lot of work), but I’ve now completed them, and I hope my audience will enjoy and learn. :-)

The conference program contains my three talks and lots of other very interesting sounding topics. I’ll be doing these three:

  • A bird’s-eye view on DNSSEC
  • Unbound as a caching validating DNSSEC
  • DNSSEC zone-signing tool chest

Abstracts are online as is the provisional timetable, and I am looking very much forward to the show!

Update: the slides are here if you’re interested.

DNS, ukuug, and dnssec :: 11 Mar 2011 :: e-mail