There are a number of notable features Bert Hubert is working on in PowerDNS, and since I’ve been a bit involved in testing and reporting on bugs and features, I want to summarize what is particularly interesting to me.

  • DNSSEC. Enough said. :-)
  • Slave notifications when acting as slave. Bert did this for me; PDNS will, upon transferring a zone in, notify the zone slaves.
  • MyDNS-compatible backend
  • PowerDNS gets support for TSIG in for authorizing incoming and outgoing zone transfers. Until now, the IP addresses of clients allowed to perform a zone transfer had to be statically configured in pdns.conf with the allow-axfr-ips directive. Using TSIG keys, PowerDNS can grant an outgoing AXFR transfer request even though, say, the configuration says allow-axfr-ips=
    pdns[1748]: AXFR of domain 'p0000.aa' allowed: TSIG signed request with authorized key 'jtest2' and algorithm ''
    pdns[1748]: AXFR of domain 'p0000.aa' initiated by

This has been documented.

And many more.

DNS, Database, and servers :: 17 Feb 2011 :: e-mail