netGlischSomebody said something at a party a few weeks ago that made me say WTF? We where speaking in German so I pronounced it accordingly: Wee- Tee-Eff. It was immediately clear to me that nobody understood what I meant, so I asked: “don’t you know what that means?” – blank faces. I told them what it means, and when I mentioned there are quite a number of those English acronyms on the internets, my friend Wolf suggested I compile a list, which I promised to do. Actually he went on and suggested I make an iPhone app. Big laughs all around, but the idea stuck. I’m not willing to invest the time to learn how to create real iPhone/iPad apps, so I went the cheap way: a Web app which I built with iWebKit. I’m calling it netGlisch, a contraction of Internet and “Englisch” (German spelling). A very initial and messy alpha release is ready, so I thought I’d share it with you. The URL to the app is Load that in mobile Safari, and add the page to your home screen. (This is the moment you see I’m not a graphics artist.) From there, when you launch the app it looks like this: Tapping on an acronym takes you to the definition and my translated interpretation: I’m sure there is plenty to do, lots of words to add, grammar to check, etc., but you’ll get an idea of what it looks like. And do go ahead and send in suggestions: the Comment button on the top is preconfigured to send me an e-mail. Enjoy or destroy. :)

Mobile and iphone :: 27 Jan 2011 :: e-mail