Little did I know that when I “wished” for David Thorne’s new 27b/6 Xmas Album, Andreas Braukmann would make me a gift of it. The album is fantastic, and I’ve already got a favorite track: That song about that thing. I strongly recommend you read some of the insightful reviews, for example

What the fuck is this supposed to be? I played it in the car on the way to work and it is just you humming. I put up with it for about 10 seconds and skipped to the next track and it is just more humming. The whole thing is you humming.

I’ve already ripped the album, and I’m enjoying it on my Sonos. (And rolling about on the floor at the same time. ;-) ) Andreas: you made my Christmas!

Entertainment and sonos :: 23 Dec 2010 :: e-mail