Alternative DNS ServersJohn Collins reviewed my book Alternative DNS Servers in the latest UKUUG newsletter.

The book is in three sections. In the first section DNS is fully described, including some of its history. In the second and largest section the various servers are presented in microscopic detail apart from the Microsoft proprietary DNS servers which are an overview - the author steers the reader onto open-source alternatives. In the third section, “Operational Issues” some practical issues are discussed, together with some performance tests. The book concludes with some comprehensive appendices on various topics notably LDAP and also some Perl DNS Servers - in case after all that you want to write your own.

The bit I like best:

The detail this book goes into is incredible. It documents features of BIND which are only sketchily covered in manuals I had read and previously had to guess at their usage (wrongly in a few cases).

The review is short but sweet. Thanks, John.

DNS, dnsbook, and altdns :: 14 Jun 2010 :: e-mail