Smart Notes 2 Couch is a tool which is supposed to assist in migrating documents from a Notes database to a CouchDB database. I took it for a three-minute spin. The notes2couch.nsf database interface is easy enough: specify source database and the URL to your existing CouchDB database, and hit the export button: I thought I’d choose something relatively simple, so I took the local names.nsf. Unfortunately, the conversion tool stopped after transferring the first 50+ documents, with an error which says

INITIALIZE [LSF_DOC2JSON: 45]: Type mismatch in line 22

However, as I said: the first fifty documents were transferred, and I can see them in Futon: Smart Notes 2 Couch looks promising, even though

There is one known issue, it loses rich text field formatting. We have plants to fix it, but as it free, we don’t know when we have enough time to accomplish this.

I’ll keep an eye on it.

DomiNotes, Database, Notes, CouchDB, and NoSQL :: 19 May 2010 :: e-mail