A good friend of mine is was in the automobile business so, when nine years ago, I needed an inexpensive car, I consulted him. (I might add I would have preferred a different make, but I wanted to give him my business.) He heard my requirements and readily suggested I purchase an Opel Agila, possibly (or probably) the ugliest car ever constructed. Anyways, to cut a long story short, I purchased the car. In the meantime I’ll admit that, for my purposes, the car is ideal, providing I don’t have to cross the city line: long travels in the car are noisy and quite uncomfortable. But for popping into town, taking the kid to school, or whatever, it is a perfect fit (literally) for me. When I told an acquaintance at the time, that I’d bought an Agila, he said: “What? Attila?”. I found that so funny, that I got my car friend to have the model plate on my vehicle changed accordingly. I’d promised Simon a photo of Attila; I think he didn’t quite believe my story. :-) Attila has been away for two and a half months (lent to a friend in need), but he’s now back, so here is the photo. And no: neither the model plate nor the dirt are photoshopped; it is all real. :-)

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