At least one of the members of this household sometimes asks “what are the words (s)he singing?”. It’s easy enough to find lyrics for most popular songs but where to put them? I was browsing around (pun intended) iTunes last night and I found the Lyrics tab in the track information (right-click, get Info or CMD-I). I then grabbed some lyrics for the current song, and pasted them into the box, noticing that the size and modification times of the corresponding MP3 file changed. It turns out iTunes stores the lyrics into the file’s metadata – the ID3 tags tags. Interesting. (There is enough about MP3 I don’t know about to fill a large book.) After synchronizing the track to the iPhone and playing it there, what do I see? The same lyrics overlaid onto the track’s cover art, scrollable with a flick. Pretty cool. Now in which iPhone track should I hide all those PIN numbers for credit and banking cards? Ah, there it is: that’ll do. ;-)

Entertainment, music, iphone, and itunes :: 06 Jan 2010 :: e-mail