I first heard about Sonos from Volker (who has been raving about the system for ages), and I finally succumbed to the temptation when I read about the S5. I got mine delivered yesterday. Thomas Lang of ueberall- musik.de supplied it, and I had it set up within minutes. Not hours or days – minutes. The S5 is a small box which packs quite a whump and sounds very good. Plug in the supplied power cord and an Ethernet cable, attach that to your router, launch the software, and music will start playing shortly. Music from your NAS, Internet Radio, what have you. If you don’t have an Ethernet point near wherever you want to place the S5, Sonos has a solution in the form of a minature Zone Bridge which you cable to your network. It then provides music to multiple Zone Players wirelessly. To control a Sonos player (called a Zone Player) you use either the provided Desktop Controller, a well-designed desktop computer program, a rather expensive Sonos Controller, or an iPod Touch or iPhone running the Sonos App, which is free of charge from the App store. Details that amaze and fascinate me include changing the volume on the S5 moves the volume slider on the iPhone app in real time. Integration at its very finest! If you get an S5 you’ll quickly find out that I lie in the title. It should have read: All you want for Christmas is lots of Sonos equipment. Believe me. (Sigh.)

Entertainment, Hardware, music, and sonos :: 03 Dec 2009 :: e-mail