I spent a few minutes this morning debugging the new regular expression blocker I wrote for GhettoPush, because it didn’t seem to work. So I thought. The result had me rolling on the floor. ;-) A message with a subject of `

** PROBLEM Service Alert: fupps.com/PING is CRITICAL **

wasn't getting through, and I couldn't for the life of me determine why. Now, I still had a test [regular expression][2] of “v.i.a.g.r.*a”` in my file. I ripped the code to pieces, but didn’t see a problem. And then I looked at the regular expression a bit more carefully. See it? As I said: ROFLMAO. (Although I would have cried if the lot had cost me more than five minutes.) ;-)

Entertainment, IMAP, bug, and ghettopush :: 15 Nov 2009 :: e-mail