Getting a movie onto your iPhone or iPod touch isn’t a great feat: you import your possibly converted movies into iTunes, set up syncing of Movies, and Bob’s your uncle.

I like adding information about the movie (i.e. meta data), and I use MetaX to do so:

Apart from Title, Artists, Genre, and other usual information, Metax can also add cover art and set a content rating on the movie. (It uses a modified version Atomic Parsley to write the tags.) I can then use the iPhone’s Restrictions setting to avoid a child (or anybody else) seeing __ when you lend your iPhone.

For example, I’ve rated the movie Taken in the above screen shot as being Restricted, and after syncing the film to the iPhone, I see that rating displayed:

I can then set up the iPhone’s restrictions to show films that are, say, PG 13

and movies rated above that are no longer displayed on the iPhone or iPod.

MacOSX, Film, iphone, movie, and iPod :: 01 Nov 2009 :: e-mail