Exim A new version 4.70 of the Exim Mail Transfer Agent is on the horizon:

A lot of stuff has accumulated in CVS since January 2008. Since we want to give the current code some wider exposure, please accept this invitation to test a 4.70 pre-release.

Apart from a number of small fixes, this release has some exciting new features (full Changelog):

  • Native DKIM support without an external library.
  • Experimental DCC support via dccifd.

If you want to help in testing, get a tarball or clone the Git shadow repository with

    git clone git://git.exim.org/exim-src.git

You can also view the repository online.

I’ve built Exim 4.70 pre-release on Mac OS/X 10.6, and what I’ve tested works flawlessly.

Exim, CLI, DKIM, and DCC :: 16 Oct 2009 :: e-mail