The background of this posting is easily understood: IBM/Lotus announce a new site, and it turns out the site is unreachable, because its DNS settings (that’s the stuff the makes your browser know where to go to) are badly broken. To add insult to injury, once their DNS settings are fixed (a trivial change which takes IBM/Lotus several days to fix), the next bit of tubing breaks: the actual access to the site is denied with an error.

There is nothing breathtaking about screwing up a site – it happens all the time, and it happens to all of us who work in such areas. But: when we are told something doesn’t work, we unbreak it. Quickly. Very.Bloody.Quickly! And one thing is very important: we don’t advertise a launch before we’ve tested a site. Never. Ever.

An approximate chronology (in CET) of the events that led to a site not working:

IBM is a very large organization, and there are undoubtably very many expert technicians who work for them, but they certainly were not available to set up the trivial infrastructure required to get this working.

Zero. Frank has quit. Update: at 17:30 CET, Nagios tells me the site is up.

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