I think I speak on behalf of Volker and Stefan, when I say that we have little hope that IBM/Lotus will ever fix what they buggered up. I for one, don’t want to keep checking. While waiting for a phone call, I whipped up a little Nagios / Icinga plugin to monitor the “progress” of the guys at the other end of the world. Here you are:

    # check_borked_ibm_lotus_dns_developer_lotus_com.sh
    # (C) 2009 Jan-Piet Mens
    # Nagios Plugin to wait for ever.
    NS="`dig +short lotus.com ns`"  # Find name servers
    WHASSA=developer.lotus.com      # whattalookup?
    for ns in ${NS}; do
       a=`dig +short @${ns} ${WHASSA}`  # Find A RR. Futile.
       # Next line can also be written as `[ true ]'
       [ "$a" != "" ] && {
            echo -n "Holy cow, Joe! They fixed their friggin' DNS! Call Ed. "
            echo "Relax hon, they probably didn't fix, just changed sumpin'"
            exit ${WARNING};
    echo "Still borked. Waiting for SPR."
    exit ${CRIT}

I do want to point out that above script contains loads of unnecessary ballast, and you can throw most of it out, leaving it like this:

    echo "Still borked. Waiting for SPR."
    exit ${CRIT}

Choose whichever version suits your environment best. ;-) Astute readers will notice I didn’t code an OK state; I don’t think it’ll be required any time soon…

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