I’ve spent the last decade working mainly for one organization, and it has been a great ride. But all good things come to an end sometime (more or less unexpectedly), and the end of my stint is near.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. – Coco Chanel

In over ten years, I’ve done a huge number of things and been responsible for a very large number of projects. Quite a bit of my work involved creating systems of all sorts: programs for implementing this, hacks for solving that, and workarounds for fixing whatever. I now have to start passing all this on to the guys who’ll be taking over, and in the short remaining time, it all seems like a gargantuan task.

On my list are:

  • Identifying and collating a list of subsystems which I created and have been, so far, responsible for.
  • Where documentation was either forgotten or got lost, writing up a few words on these systems and ensuring that all the little bits and pieces fit in together is a pure necessity. (You probably know what I mean: this program invokes that URL with these credentials to do that on yonder server. Some of this stuff grows histerically, and collecting necessary details takes time.)
  • Trying to consolidate said documentation, at the very least in the form of a dump of links. Was that on the Wiki? Did I create a Lotus Notes document on it? Is it a Web page someplace? Did I use Markdown? Was it en e-mail? What a mess, but the mess comes about from lack of time to organize it all neatly from the start. (Who honestly has or takes the time to do that before being run over by the next project?)
  • Some of my work has been writing utility programs for two main platforms (UNIX and Win32). I’ve been thinking that the best way to get all these organized is for me to set up a large Git repository with a Web interface (ViewGit or cgit), so that the future generation may find everything nice and neatly organized.

I’ve put aside the coming weeks to get all that nicely sorted out. After all, I want to leave a good impression just before fading from memory.

As they say in German, “kein Mens ist unersetzlich”. ;-)

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