Excepting the odd invoice I send out and a few receipts I get electronically, I typically print very few pages in a month. The 60+ pages I printed yesterday for my daughter however, took hours to print. My printer sits close to my desk so I unfortunately couldn’t overhear it. I seemed as though it wasn’t printing text, but rastered graphics. The output took hours to complete, and the device was severely grating at my nerves. I thought it was due to how Open Office was rendering the text (stuff I’d copied and pasted into a new document). The solution is simple, and it appears to have been a small bug in Snow Leopard. Software Update offered me new printer drivers for Brother. I’ve just printed out one of the pages I did yesterday, and all is back to normal: the printer is now back to its normal speed, and it wasn’t Open Office’s fault.

Hardware, MacOSX, Brother, and OOo :: 12 Sep 2009 :: e-mail