DomiNotesI checked with the Lotus Administrators whether they still want to use the Lotus Domino server add-in task I wrote for registering new users, and there was a resounding yes!, which of course pleases me. :-) The reason I verified is that they reported a bug in the process: the ID file of a newly registered user is no longer being written to disk. It turns out one of the admins “upgraded” the registration server to 8.5 without really doing any prior testing – at least he didn’t test the registration utility. (I’m still searching for a big wet trout with which to slap him. :-) ) On top of that he also enabled ID Vault – the new “safe house” for ID files. (As an aside, and if you haven’t read about ID Vault yet, I recommend you read about a new way to manage Notes user IDs and passwords, see some (beta) screen shots of ID Vault in operation on Paul Mooney’s site, and look at the official documentation on how an ID Vault works.) It appears that the C-API function REGNewUser() which does the brunt of user registration on a Domino server – and one of the major functions I use in my utility – copies the newly created ID file into the ID Vault, but no longer stores it on the file system, at least not as though you’d notice. As we still have several thousand Notes Clients with versions less than 8.5, there is nothing much we can do with the ID Vault, and the admins need a copy of the ID file on disk to distribute to client workstations. After determining that it really should not be the fault of my software, I asked the administrators to submit a PMR. (If you’ve ever been involved in submitting a problem report (PMR) to Lotus – I was involved in many of those when 5.something came out – you’ll know it is a rather convoluted procedure. And if you don’t know how convoluted it is, there is a current and rather heated discussion going on at Volker’s on the merits of the system.) For the first time since ages, I was pleasantly surprised with Lotus’ feedback. First they quickly admitted, after testing, that my findings were correct. (Duh.) About two days later, they filed a Software Problem Report. It turns out, that to force the ID file to be created on the file system and in the ID Vault, I have to explicitly or in the flag fREGSaveIDInFile to the other flags.

Until 8.0.x, if IDFileName was specified and save in address book was not set, the ID was getting created on the file system. However, starting with 8.5, the ID vault takes priority.

The SPR will address the incorrect 8.5 documentation on the C API.

DomiNotes, C, lotus, API, and bug :: 09 Sep 2009 :: e-mail