Sometime during my holiday, and (ironically) just before what usually happens to me, the power supply of my ReadyNAS NV+ died, and blew a fuse in the house with it. I was told that there may be a free replacement, but I didn’t find my serial number in Netgear’s list. Yesterday, I telephoned with the German Netgear support, and they confirmed that it sounded like a burnt PSU. After a moment’s hesitation, I was promised a free replacement, and I was very pleasantly surprised when the UPS guy rang the bell this morning (!) and delivered the package. Ten minutes later, I’d replaced the PSU in my ReadyNAS. After the obligatory very-long-running fsck, I am now back in business, and Time Machine is heavily pumping data through the network. Thank you, Netgear.

Hardware and Backup :: 14 Aug 2009 :: e-mail