Velocea has a bunch of lovely stations spread throughout the city of Vannes at which one ought to be able to rent bicycles at an extraordinary cheap rate: first half hour free of charge, second hour 1 Euro, subsequent hours 2 Euro. The stations are self-sufficient with instructions in French and in Breton (!), a little computer which reboots as soon as you look at it, and two telephone numbers which lead you through a menu with lovely music and then hang up when it gets interesting. The Web site is unfinished as well, as I can get a subscription for a year only. WTF: what tourists are going to apply for that? Marvellous idea, good design, and completely un-ready for public consumption. Pity. Update I talked to someone at the Office du Tourisme who hadn’t a clue: they hadn’t been informed of the deployment. The official at the Infobus travel centre, responsible for the system, said they weren’t aware of it not functioning properly. Later on, I chatted at length to a chappie at one of the bicycle stations, responsible for maintenance and such. Very helpful indeed, but he didn’t know much about the workings of the system’s “back-end”. In the two days in Vannes, I saw several people standing perplexed in front of the stations, all apparently having similar problems to mine.