I go from here to here, only to be told that what I need is here, and when I get there all I see is a huge bit of nothingness. The Lotus Notes C-API is available for “Mac OS”, but after downloading it I find it is for OS 8.9 on PowerPC only. Suzanne kindly helps out (thanks for that, Suzanne :-) ) and asks an IBM guy, who in turn passes on a link to an even older version: The code must exist, or else IBM/Lotus wouldn’t have been able to get binaries running for Mac OS X. Isn’t the C-API available to us common mortals? I just want to test a few things… Update: According to an IBM rep who has it from product marketing, there is no C-API for Mac OS X (10.5, Intel) and won’t be. Hard to believe.

DomiNotes, MacOSX, and CLI :: 16 Feb 2009 :: e-mail