Lotus Notes 8.5 on Mac OS X has some Spotlight integration, at least in the Basic configuration. (Any insight as to how much more memory is used by the Eclipse version? Just curious…) To enable a Lotus Notes database to be indexed by Spotlight, I select Desktop Search from the Actions menu: ZZ5FC9130B.jpg Very nice that I can also add further databases, as shown in the screen shot above. After waiting a bit, the selected databases are indexed, and I can search them through Spotlight – quite a bit faster than searching via the Notes interface. It is a shame, that the implementation doesn’t add a Notes-specific icon to the search. Consider the following example: Picture 7.jpg Two events are shown: the first is one from my Notes Todo list, and the second (recognizable through the icon) is one from iCal. (My iCal contains all my Notes todos and calendar entries because I’m writing a Notes->iCal converter – more of that to come; stay tuned.) Same with Spotlight search results in Coverflow; they too look a bit sad: Picture 8.jpg Even so, a useful addition to Notes, and I’m pleased it exists. I do, however, wonder how stable Notes is going to be. This looks like a NULL pointer to me. :-) Picture 6.jpg

DomiNotes and MacOSX :: 01 Feb 2009 :: e-mail