Just when I thought I’d finished physically converting my Windows laptop to virtual (P2V) with the VMWare converter, I got a surprise. Upon booting up the resulting Windows image in VMWare Fusion, I’m greeted with this: Picture 1.jpg Just in case you can’t read the small print, it is the dreaded Windows Product Activation (WPA) that is telling me that my legally purchased and paid for copy of Windows XP needs to be activated. So, off I go and dial a toll-free number, punch fourteen and a half myriad numbers at a robot, turn my old laptop upside down (literally) to find the friggin’ product activation key, and then finally type in the A–G groups of numbers that the damn robot reads back at me. What greatly amuses me, however, is that it is the first time I’ve ever had to activate Windows. And if I’m lucky, it’ll be the last.