Bonjour is French for good morning or good day. Bonjour is also the name of a service discovery protocol (the artist formerly known as Rendezvous). Bonjour is a protocol which allows a computing device to just “find” other devices on a network. Even though I’ve had a Mac for a few years, I hadn’t really noticed Bonjour in action – probably because I just started configuring away, and Bonjour didn’t have time to come into action. I was suitably impressed when, on my new MacBook, I selected File, Print. I knew I didn’t have a printer and was prepared to save as PDF (a wonderful function of Mac OS X), when I saw this: ZZ4313921D.jpg My printer. Contrary to this happy Mac user, I didn’t even have to plug something into my Mac: as the Brother is a network printer, it was simply “there”. :-) Bonjour to you.

Hardware and MacOSX :: 27 Jan 2009 :: e-mail