I’ve added a BLUE Wireless LAN zone to my IPCop and feel much more secure than having a WLAN in the GREEN (i.e. protected) zone. A Compex WLM54G with an Atheron chipset, together with an antenna did it. The hardest part was getting the teeny tiny little antenna cable connected to the WLAN card: my eye sight isn’t what it used to be, and my fat fingers don’t help either… The Compex WLM54G is a Mini PCI card (and believe me: I now know why they’re called mini) ZZ09BB62C3.jpg After drilling a hole in the ALIX’ enclosure to pass the antenna cable out of it, the hardware bit was complete. Getting the software running was easy as well. This document describes the procedure in great detail, so I won’t go into that specifically, except to mention that the ./install oops‘ed on me; I aborted the script after a minute or two and simply carried on. It works anyway.

Hardware and Security :: 24 Jan 2009 :: e-mail