Searching for Idokorro’s Mobile SSH turned up a blank as the company has been renamed (I hate that!) into Rove. They appear to have rolled the Mobile SSH product into something called Mobile Admin, and I’ve taken that for a very short spin. After the usual install on a Windows server, including and a SQL server or the integrated thingie, I can connect with a BlackBerry Web browser to the IP of the Mobile Admin server and download the necessary software OTA. When I start it, I’m welcomed with a login screen on my device, where I get to enter my credentials: Then, I better get used to seeing this: I get a list of servers I may manage. If allowed to, I can add a server to this list from my BlackBerry handheld, or via the Mobile Admin Web interface, which looks identical in a normal Web browser (yes: Firefox is supported) to what I see on my hand held device. I then select the server I want to connect to and Mobile Admin connects to that server. It then shows me the tasks that I may perform on that server. This is an example of a Windows machine: So, for example, I can open the Task manager have Mobile Admin show me the processes running on the server and kill one of them: If I connect to a Lotus Domino server, I see: Mobile Admin’s feature list is impressive and contains MS Windows, Active Directory, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Lotus Domino, Oracle, IBM Mainframes (i.e. 3270 client) as well as Unix/Linux servers (i.e. ssh). The product looks promising, the price tag does as well. Approximately USD 600 per user plus maintenance.

DomiNotes, Linux, BlackBerry, SSH, Mobile, mobile admin, and domino :: 15 Jan 2009 :: e-mail