My father (I always used to call him “father” – private joke) got a shiny new Mac Mini for Christmas. Yes, in spite of having heard rumors that a new model was on the horizon, and we all know that never showed up, did it? :-) Anyways, I just got this in from him:

The MAC is fabulous. The most amazing thing: I plugged in the printer, connected it to the electric, pressed the PRINT button on the computer and it started printing… No messages “new hardware discovered”, no orders to put in the installation CD-ROM

Crossing my fingers that the amount of support I’ll have to give will reach zero. ;-) Come to think of it, that is the third Mac Mini in the family: first was mine, then one for my in-law and now my father’s.

Hardware and MacOSX :: 09 Jan 2009 :: e-mail