Alternative DNS ServersI had already shown you the main table of contents of my book Alternative DNS Servers, but I was still working on the exact placement of the appendixes, which is why I omitted them. Unfortunately I forgot to update you with that information. As I’ve now been asked a couple times to provide that data, I’m pleased to do that now. So here is the whole table of contents:

1. Introduction to the DNS
2. How to represent zone data and where to store it
3. Preparing for your implementation
4. MaraDNS                                                                   
5. MyDNS                                                                     
6. PowerDNS Authoritative Server 
7. An overview of BIND
8. BIND's Simplified Database Interface
9. Bind DLZ
10. Name Server Daemon (NSD)  
11. tinydns                                                                  
12. ldapdns                                                                  
13. dnsmasq                                                                  
14. DNS on Microsoft Windows
15. DNS and Perl
16. DNS blacklists
17. Caching name servers
18. Delegation and private DNS roots 
19. Updating DNS zones and their associated records 
20. The Name Service Switch
21. Internationalized Domain Names
22. Introducing DNSSEC
23. Performance                                                              
24. Securing and monitoring your DNS servers 
A. Getting started with (Open)LDAP
B. Use $INCLUDE and fix your soa
D. Bind DLZ
E. Perl DNS name servers
F. User Defined Functions in MySQL
G. Bits and pieces
H. Scripting PowerDNS Recursor with the Lua programming language

The book will be hitting the stores on December 1st at the latest, just in time for you to order it as a Christmas present. :-)

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