After getting iSCSI running on my ReadyNAS NV+ I wanted to test VirtualBox’s iSCSI initiator with it. VirtualBox comes with an iSCSI initiator that wants to be configured with the CLI tools. First, I added the target to VirtualBox with the VBoxManage tool: `

VBoxManage addiscsidisk 

iSCSI disk created. UUID: ff2c0965-48e9-4016-9a53-bc1113029b68

` As soon as that step completes, the target is visible from within the GUI, and I can select the iSCSI disk and attach that to a virtual machine like any other disk. Remember though, never to attach a single target to more than one virtual machine at a time: he who writes last, writes best.

Vmware, Backup, Readynas, iSCSI, and VirtualBox :: 24 Sep 2008 :: e-mail