According to this article (in German), an update of the Kaspersky Internet Security package for 64-bit Vista systems, led to these becoming unusable with a BSOD. [The problem has been solved and involves a lot of F8 and messing around – fine if you have a second system which you can use to actually find the solution to the problem!] Considering that most systems (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows) nowadays are auto-updated uncontrollably over the Internet, I am actually quite surprised that such fubars don’t occur more frequently. An increasing number of software packages auto-update themselves (i.e. not via the OS update) too, but mostly these updates are quite successful. Auto-updating is great: you click away the “yeah sure, go ahead” button (or have set it to automate the answer) and some remote location decides on how, when, and how well your computer will work in the future. And if your vendor screws up? You’ve had it. Come to think of it, messing about with automatic software distribution channels would be a really effective terrorist attack. Imagine the fiasco, if most Windows PCs in the world were suddenly rendered useless – a frightening thought.

Software and Security :: 21 Sep 2008 :: e-mail