Alternative DNS ServersIn a very few days my book Alternative DNS Servers will be ready for printing, and I hope that will mark the last of my late-night and weekend work for some time to come. The book’s body is complete and locked. The appendixes still have to pass via my editor, but I don’t expect (crosses fingers) anything terrible to come from that. The odd diagram may need tweaking, but I’m certainly getting the hang of Inkscape, so no fears there either, thank goodness. (Apropos diagrams: I have over 130 diagrams in the book.) The extent of the book has reached 728 pages, and give or take a page, will remain fixed there. I’m really starting to look forward to the finished product, and when things quiet down a bit, I’ll be writing up on my experiences.

DNS, dnsbook, book, and alternative dns servers :: 13 Jul 2008 :: e-mail