Alternative DNS ServersIt is high time that I show you the table of contents for the book Alternative DNS Servers so, without further ado, here it is:

  1. Introduction to the DNS
  2. How to represent zone data and where to store it
  3. Preparing your implementation
  4. MaraDNS
  5. MyDNS
  6. PowerDNS Authoritative Server
  7. An overview of BIND
  8. BIND’s Simplified Database Interface
  9. Bind DLZ
  10. Name Server Daemon (NSD)
  11. tinydns
  12. ldapdns
  13. dnsmasq
  14. DNS on Microsoft Windows
  15. DNS and Perl
  16. DNS blacklists
  17. Caching name servers
  18. Delegation and private DNS roots
  19. Updating DNS zones and their associated records
  20. The Name Service Switch
  21. Internationalized Domain Names
  22. Introducing DNSSEC
  23. Performance
  24. Securing and monitoring your DNS servers

There are also six or seven appendixes (appendices), but as we haven’t yet got their position in the ToC fixed yet, I’ll omit them for the time being. Publication date for the book is rapidly approaching: the deadline is July 15th, but I see no great problem with that. The manuscript has been ready for a while, and I’m now tweaking bits here, adding an index entry (or many) there, making sure diagrams look good, cropping the width of listings so that they fit the page, etc. This weekend I added another 7 pages of content (cool and geeky stuff), because I want to bring the book up to the round (and I think, quite impressive) number of 730 pages. (The book is bound in signatures of 32 pages, so it will have 736 pages in total.) I’ll keep you updated.

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